Agency Services

I think I’m very lucky to be a freelance writer, photographer, and artist. I work from home or wherever I want to be, doing what I love. The money isn’t astronomical, but it isn’t bad, and it keeps getting better.

Getting Started

It wasn’t easy for me to get started freelance writing on Upwork, despite a university education in English with a focus in Creative Writing. I bid for hours a day but received few replies. I took as many of the Upwork skill tests as I could, trying to prove my competence. I developed my own website:, showcasing my writing, art, and photography. I devoted entire weeks to writing blog posts modeled after the ones specific clients needed, trying to convince someone, anyone, to give me a chance.

When I finally was offered work, I took whatever I could get. I worked for well below what was sustainable and often wrote free samples or outlines, even though Upwork discourages this. I can’t tell you how many times I was taken in for very low pay for a project because the client promised more work later on; work that never materialized.

Finally, slowly, I began receiving job offers. My job bids resulted in hires. Suddenly I had enough work, then too much work. I began raising my rates and specializing in work that I wanted to do.  

Next Steps

Now that I’m well established on Upwork ( here is my profile: I get more job offers than I can accept. Furthermore, as my rates go up, I have to let go of clients that I’ve enjoyed working with for some time, and whose needs I understand well.

My goal in forming an agency is to share the opportunity to work from home, writing about what you love. I can smooth the way and help you avoid the scams, unpaid work, and desperation of endless bidding with no response. Furthermore, I can serve as an editor for the work that you do for agency clients, at least at the beginning. This will ensure that you are set up for success with each job and improves your writing for each client.

About Writing for Clients

It is a mistake to think that writing is either “good” or “bad”. Writing serves a purpose. Each project has its own goals and requirements. Your writing for each client and project will need to be very different. Writing for clients is a deeply humbling experience. There is an extensive back and forth as clients realize and make clear expectations that were unknown at the beginning. Throughout this creative process, writers must be flexible and take the attitude that the client is always right.

For me, this process results in a system of notes and outlines to help me stick to each client’s guidelines. By sharing my outlines and notes with you, I can give you the framework that you need to craft precisely the article that the client is looking for. My editing process will make sure that the writing that you produce falls within the client’s guidelines.

How it Works

If you are interested in joining my agency, let me know what you want to write about, as well as your qualifications and an example of your writing. If I think that you are a good fit for my agency, I will give you a paid trial article with an outline and instructions. If I and the client are happy with your work, you will become a part of my agency and I will continue to offer you work as it comes to me.

What is the Work Like?

Most of the work I come upon is related to dogs. I have some other work about other animals, home and garden care, how to, lifestyle, etc. I am also offered jobs unrelated to my interests, like advertising white papers and other marketing material.

It is important to me and to my clients that you have sincere interest, if not experience, in the area in which you write. Real experience and passion for a subject come out in writing. Grammer, word usage, and sentence structure are easy to fix, but there is no way to create a sparkle of authenticity where there is none.