What Your Dog is Telling You

We all know the frustration of trying to communicate something to our dogs that they just don’t seem to get. Whether it is a training goal, a behavior you are trying to change, or something interesting on a walk that you are trying to point out, sometimes your dog can’t seem to understand. Other times, it seems like she knows what you are thinking before you do.

IMG_4252Our dogs also have the experience of trying to communicate something that seems obvious to them that we just don’t get. Sometimes our requests seem ridiculous to them, sometimes incomprehensible.

We ask them to deny impulses which come intensely and unbidden, and we ask them to resist their instincts, sometimes constantly.

Meanwhile we disregard the important information they communicate to us about the approaching danger represented by the mailman, or the infringement of our territory by the neighbor dog sniffing our fence. Many times, the miscommunication we have with our dogs comes down to a difference in perspective. Continue reading “What Your Dog is Telling You”

Dogs at Play

IMG_7729Play is essential to a dog’s social and mental well-being. Growing recognition of the importance of play is evident in the increasing number of dog parks and daycares, as well as programs like Aimee Sadler’s “Playing for Life” which has revolutionized the experience of dogs in shelters by allowing shelter dogs to play together.

While it is easy to see why socializing is important, in practice it can be challenging to find safe venues in which to socialize your dog.

Daycares and trainers can be pricey, while dog parks can be unpredictable. Reading dogs’ signals can be difficult, especially with growly play styles, and stakes are high where multiple dogs are playing together.


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