Friends of ACAS


Shelter dogs aren’t flawed or broken. They’re great dogs who just need a little help to shine. Friends of ACAS is a program designed to make people fall in love with these dogs. 

 Friends of ACAS operates through the volunteer, foster, and adoption services of Alachua County Animal Services (ACAS) and private rescues in Gainesville.

Go to to learn more about this program and to see available dogs.

I have a win-win relationship with pet-related websites, product makers, and local businesses. Products are donated to the animals, and I write reviews about them.

My clients donate products for use with Animal Services animals and pay me for some of my time, photos, articles, and graphics created during the time that I spend with animals in the program.

If you’re interested in helping homeless dogs and increasing marketing potential and credibility for your dog-related business, don’t hesitate to let me know!

For questions about Friends of ACAS, please contact them here.