See some of my photographs and learn why I love photography below. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in having me photograph your dog or dog products.

I offer a portable outdoor studio and natural setting photography, always with natural light. I can offer your dog a fun, comfortable session.

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Learn more about why I love photographing dogs.

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I photography for lots of reasons: to capture a personal moment, for marketing shelter dogs, or for product reviews. Whatever my reasons for photographing, one thing is consistent: I am obsessed with capturing a moment.

I use entirely natural light and almost always hold my camera by hand, rather than using a tripod.

I learn new things every time that I hold the camera that make me wonder how I could have functioned before.

Slowly, I am learning how to edit photos effectively without taking an hour for every photo. I am beginning to dabble in studio photography.

It is as fun as it is frustrating to find the perfect spot at my local animal shelter to set up a backdrop.

A Halloween photoshoot was an awesome opportunity to play with a studio setup, dress up some dogs, have a great time, and most importantly, give some dogs who have been at the shelter the longest a chance to get out.

Sometimes, I photograph things besides dogs. As often as not, I am distracted by a stunning flower or scene while walking a dog.

Since my camera is rarely far from my side, I end up with all kinds of photographs I hadn’t intended to take.

It is especially hard to pass up the fascinating and very different environment when I visit my parents in South Florida.

But in the end, it always seems to come back to the dogs.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in commissioning a photo or buying some of my pictures.