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DSC_0020.jpgMost of the time I photograph dogs, but my camera is never far from my side, so I photograph lots of other stuff too. I love to capture the unique moments that happen around me.

I especially enjoy photographing birds. Their striking and sometimes alien beauty, as well as their stubborn persistence and adaptability in the face of human encroachment into their world, inspire me.

Birds are all around us. I wake each morning to a hundred songs, a hundred voices bravely declaring that they are here, and they matter.



Flowers get a bad rap. They’re just too pretty, too good. We forget them in the bustle of things. We don’t slow down for them. We say, “Oh, that’s pretty,” and on we go with our days.


But flowers aren’t just pretty. They are perfectly pretty, perfectly symmetrical, ideally colorful, each detail suited to please the discerning tastes of the pollinators.


And we too are pollinators. We serve the flowers just as the bees and hummingbirds do, enslave ourselves to an obsession with them in much the same way as a hummingbird knows the rhythm of its flowers so as to drink from each at its peak.




I can’t help but photograph flowers, just as I can’t help but plant them. They have me entirely. I’m a willing devotee.



Please, don’t hesitate to contact me if:

  • You need high-quality photography and/or reviews. I offer experienced, knowledgeable reviews and can make your product shine
  • You’d like to buy the rights to some of my photographs. I have many more high-quality shots than what are shown here
  • You have any questions at all about me or what I do. I’d love to hear from you!


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