Graphite was among my first means of artistic expression, back when I was a little kid sketching on the margins of my homework or passing the hours trying to draw on a rocking boat. No matter where I went or what I was doing, I always had a pencil and paper around.

2018-08-20 09.57.56

Like most things in my life, most of my graphite drawings feature animals. I especially love to draw the expressions in a dog or cat’s eyes.


Whether I’m painstakingly laying in every detail or making a quick sketch, graphite is a wonderful way to capture what I’m trying to express.

20171127_170449_edited_edited (1)

The majority of my work focuses on dogs and cats, but I couldn’t resist a quick portrait of my handsome fiance.


If you like the work featured here, don’t hesitate to commission a portrait! Just let me know what you’re thinking of and I’ll work out a price.


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