Mixed Media

Historically, I’ve stuck to one medium at a time. If I was working in graphite, I used only graphite. If I was using ink, ink was all I used. I didn’t even like to dabble in colors, finding that I quickly made a loud mess of things when color was involved.


Lately, I’ve been taking some risks and trying out mixed media. The results are as unpredictable and messy as I’d feared, but I can’t say I hate it.


I created these portraits of some of the shelter dogs that I have worked with for a wonderful event that combined art and animal adoption, called “Artwalk”.


I had a lot of fun making them. They joined other donated art to help raise over $1000 for heartworm treatment. One piece went home with a staff member who had a special bond with the dog featured. It makes any artist proud to know their work will be treasured.


I hope to bring more mixed media art to this page soon. It’s an entirely different way to look at creation, and I’m loving it.

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