Good writing draws a reader deeper into a story or into the solution to a problem. It makes complicated information easy to digest and pleasant to read. Good writers show their proof, but not their work. I research thoroughly and cite my sources, but I don’t let my writing get bogged down. 

Whether you want a blog post that highlights a topic, an article offering an in-depth explanation, or a pillar page comprehensive enough to cover just about everything there is to know about a subject, I create writing that informs and entertains. 

My high school education is from Dreyfoos School of the Arts in the Communication Arts, with a focus in Creative Writing. I went to Stetson University and graduated with honors. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with a focus in Creative Writing and minors in Psychology and Philosophy.

I am proud to write for Dogviously.com.

My published book is called “Owning a Paralyzed Dog – The Complete Care Guide: Helping Your Disabled Dog Live Their Life to the Fullest”. It is available on Amazon.

Coraldogs.com tells the stories of rescue dogs that I work with at my local shelter.

You can see examples of writing I have done for clients, as well as what clients have to say about me, at my profile on Upwork. Check out my blog, and enjoy the creative writing examples below.

Fiction and Poetry


Short Story

Ella moves to a new apartment after the death of her husband and finds unexpected company.

Birthday Wishes

Short Story

Brett is having a hard time not being jealous of his old friend Johnny’s easy success, but Brett’s dad has something interesting to tell him about Johnny.

Morning Fog


Original handwritten poem