Playing Around with Resin Art

My new obsession is resin art. This amazing substance can hold any number of pigments and coloring, or dry to a crystal clear finish. It can cover my pen artwork and allow me to add dimension. I’m just playing with it now, but I can’t wait to start making some finished art with it. I thought I’d post some of my experiments, just for fun.

Another very cool application for resin is in terrarium building. I can anchor decorations and mosses in clear resin that looks like water. I’ve only done a few so far, to see how the mosses hold up. I expect that the mosses will do just fine, as they couldn’t care less what their rhizomes attach to, so long as they have plenty of moisture and sunlight.

They make fun little displays right side up or upside down. I love that I can use lines of colorful sand and it stays perfectly in place no matter how I turn the terrarium.

I’ve been having a blast with resin. I can’t wait to try more deliberate projects, but just playing around is a lot of fun too.

I’ll be posting a how-to guide, well, as soon as I feel confident explaining how I do it! Please comment and tell me what you’d like to see me try with resin!

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