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Dogs are my favorite subject to photograph, perhaps because it is so much fun to capture an instant in the life of a creature who lives so utterly in the moment.

Dogs are perfectly candid. They don’t get camera shy and they aren’t self-conscious. It doesn’t matter if I’m photographing a pampered house pet or a homeless shelter dog: they each show me their vibrant and distinct personalities.

The beauty of dogs takes my breath away. They come in a thousand shapes and sizes, with coats of every color and texture. They are tall and short, slender and stocky, gigantic and minuscule. Each is perfect in its own way.


Photographing dogs well requires more than exposure, focus, and composition. To take a photograph worth having, I must capture a moment in a dog’s life, an instant worth saving.

Dogs are silly, passionate, loving, and fun. Their lives are messy and rarely have attractive backdrops. I like to photograph dogs on their turf, living their lives.

DSC_0619One of the things that has always impressed me most about dogs is their willingness to trust. A few games of fetch or a good round of tug and some cuddles are all it usually takes to get into their world. IMG_7375



DSC_0105 - EditedIf you need any convincing about the willingness of dogs to love and trust, no matter their past or circumstances, take a trip to your local Animal Services.

These dogs don’t care that someone failed them, gave up on them, and abandoned them. They forgive us, all of us. Whether we deserve it or not.

Unlike people, who get sour or apathetic when bad things happen, dogs keep trying, keep loving.


DSC_0265 - Edited.jpg

Photographing shelter dogs is an important part of the work that I do with Coral Dogs, an organization that gives exposure and basic training to dogs who have been at the shelter the longest or are at risk of euthanasia because of behavioral problems.

DSC_0071 - Edited

Photographs and video help people to see the real dog, not the dog behind bars. Given an opportunity to reveal their personalities, these dogs show themselves to be so different than what people see when they walk down the row at Animal Services.


In the kennel, all you see is a scared pitbull mix with a skin disease. Out in the yard, he’s a playful, loving boy who deserves a second chance. I want everyone to see these dogs the way I do. That’s why I spend as much time as I can working with and photographing these amazing dogs. DSC_0007


Please, don’t hesitate to contact me if:

  • You would like an affordable photoshoot for your dog. Prices vary, discounts for rescue dogs!
  • You have adopted a Coral Dog or another dog featured on and would like digital photos and/or prints. The first three full-size digital copies are free.
  • You need high-quality photography and/or reviews for your dog-related product. I offer experienced, knowledgeable reviews and can make your product shine.
  • You’d like to buy the rights to some of my dog photographs. I have many more high-quality shots than what are shown here, covering a wide range of settings and behaviors.
  • You have any questions at all about me or what I do. I’d love to hear from you!

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